About Us

Sistem Sağlık Araç ve Gereçleri Tic. Paz. Ltd. Şti. [Sistem Health Instruments and Equipment Trade Marketing Ltd. Co.] was established in 1992 Cankaya District of Ankara and was relocated to its new office to the address of A. Ovecler 8. Cad. No. 32/4 in Ankara after inserting the business line "Ecza Deposu / Drug Warehouse" to the trade title of company in 1997.

Our company, Sistem Sağlık Araç ve Gereçleri Ecza Deposu Tic. Paz. Ltd. Şti., under its new title, moved to its modern, safe and well-equipped office, 1600 m2, owned by the company, suitably designed for its business activities in 2003 at the address of Aşağı Öveçler 1306. Sok. No: 6/1 and currently resuming its business activities at this same address.

Sistem Sağlık Co., is a company seated in the city of Ankara and engages in sales and distribution activities of medicines and medical consumables. 

For more than 20 years, our company has been supplying products to mostly public institutions and entities and Private/State University and Private Healthcare Institutions through open tender and direct procurement channels at the most suitable, quickest and superior conditions.

As the tender channel warehouse of leading international producers of medicine and medical consumables, Sistem Sağlık Co. applies its know-how, experience and advantages it has gained from global cooperation to all healthcare institutions and entities.  

Having a well-established and esteemed name in the public drug distribution market, our company is reinforcing its financial structure and resources gradually and in a controlled manner.

Sistem Sağlık Co. is holder of ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate since 2003, has laid the grounds of institutionalization and since then, successfully been carrying out with its activities under institutional and holistic management mentality.




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